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tv   Headline News  RT  October 31, 2013 3:00pm-3:30pm EDT

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protests against housing policies and with clashes in rome as activists vent their anger at the government over the un affordable cost of living. syria's successfully destroyed all of its chemical weapons production facilities. but reports continue. for a. holiday. more like a living hell. look at the allegations of torture as officials try to convince the inmates are doing just fine.
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in the wake of. the tragedy american officials are told to keep using september as the justification for expanding. this is. a day of fierce clashes in the capital have left at least six people injured police used tear gas to disperse hundreds of protesters gathered in central rome to demand a better social housing journalist who was at the demonstration thinks the protesters have decided causing trouble is the only way to get. what i saw is that there were some people. who came to the demonstration with the helmets and agues so
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i think their intentions was really to start a fight with the police and not to have a peaceful protests well i think the police and the situation correctly they're only hostile to was to throw the smoke bombs but only because they had been attacked by the protesters and i think what happened today is very symbolic of what is happening right now in the nation the government isn't really much caring about the progress because i think they have bigger issues like the survival of the government itself the full report from the very heart of the right is available to you online on our website and you can log onto r.t. dot com for all the details. there but snowden's revelations about the n.s.a. have seen u.s. intelligence bosses go to great lengths to justify their activities officially they've been told to use nine eleven as their main argument according to
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a document leaked in the media and some politicians are happy to follow that advice what i want to tell you about is how did we get here nine eleven prior to nine eleven we had no way of connecting those dots what section two fifteen does allow the government to connect the dots these dots should have and likely could have been connected to prevent nine eleven many of these reform proposals run the risk of recreating the type of cumbersome over lawyer pfizer regime that proved so inadequate in the wake of nine eleven one incident was called nine eleven that should never happen again well asia times correspondent pepe escobar thinks this approach cannot be justified because it's many intelligence on the ground not electronic surveillance that helps prevent terrorism. nowadays we have this electronic mule filled the lism in-built george orwell orwellian
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an optical complex where the piece of it has to start it's always nine eleven justify buying on virtually every citizen in the world from sub-saharan africa to western china this is completely absurd because they are not for ending any laws because of electronic surveillance on top of it we cannot believe it is seeing a general keith alexander chief of n.s.a. says he is an orwellian functionary you know defending you pretty realistic metal ball with fact it's completely it's beyond surrealism because it doesn't make sense if you don't have the ground tell you cannot fight what was called the war on terror and the obama administration started to call overseas contingency operations all c.e.o. you cannot do all c.e.o. with without boots on the ground in terms of itself and if if you watch hold the american series you know that. more details on the techniques used by the n.s.a.
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are being revealed a report in the washington post shows the agency has been harvesting huge amounts of data from google and yahoo by breaking into the communications links well this sketch from an internal presentation shows how the n.s.a. intercepts google traffic by tapping into the company's data cables millions of records are collected in this way on a daily basis as part of a program code named muscular and the n.s.a. engineers in georgia what they're doing if the smiley face is anything to go by. also the man behind all those leaks is now earning his keep three months after being granted asylum in russia and would slow down finds a job the details coming up in just a few minutes. first an american based human rights organization founded what it called systematic violations at guantanamo bay prison is calling for the immediate closure of the facility even though washington insists everything is fine. and i went to the infamous prison herself to see what it's really like and here's the
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latest in her series of reports. every morning at eight am the u.s. national anthem erupts across the base that holds america's most scandalous prison no one likes to be spit on no one wants to have their own torture hunger strikes and suicides have marred this place since two thousand and two and they're human beings after all they're there's no reason to expect that they enjoy being here you know we pretend otherwise prisoners held indefinitely in the name of the never ending war on terror whether they're innocent or guilty is not our job right here you know we have the court system determine that in just over a decade a total of seven hundred seventy nine prisoners the majority released without charges today one hundred sixty four remain over half of them cleared for release but still kept locked up. on the other side of the barbed wire. life is a blast. furnace and water and it's nice there's nothing really bad about here
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just like any common american town now is awfully scared to come here but i mean it's absolutely beautiful place when you get around of other stuff getting around the other stuff is not hard a lot of what goes on here is kept under a thick veil of denial and secrecy camp delta house as a hospital and library and this is also the place where patients are force fed and even though the hunger strike is largely and officially said to be over we know that at least fifteen people are continually being force fed here today a tube is passed down through a person's nostril and pushed all the way down to their stomach before it's passed down the nose we lubricate it and we give the patient a choice that they want to have. which is agent. area or if they want olive oil to lubricate the tube. most of our patients have been using all of the will. in fact some of our patients
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are so used to this they will. described which nostril they want this while major world medical bodies are in agreement that force feeding is not ethical and should not be practiced the force feeding them i've got my clients have experienced at one time or they've certainly described it as torture the restraint chair that they're strapped into they actually call the torture chair an arabic force feeding takes up to forty five minutes and is performed twice a day the patients it had in the civilian world have said it feel strange i've never heard insisting on. i have not heard that good move phish shows are beyond nonchalant about the highly criticized practice you might feel differently from the way i might feel uncomfortable has been the most of it i have heard but they don't even believe in what this thing anymore because they know it sounds stupid i volunteer that the procedure be demonstrated on me request declined the prisoners who've not met one another and speak different languages keep saying the same thing
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that we were tortured used. to the chair legs to the ground. strap across and they forced in a tube into our noses never in thirteen years have detainees been allowed to speak directly to a journalist while remaining at get most only leaking statements through lawyers they would love nothing more than to sit down with journalists and just tell them you know about their daily lives but communicating seems to only occur here if someone was a point where maybe they had been verbalizing a lot of hopelessness we were immediately intervening and trying to assist that person to make sure that there wasn't any thoughts of maybe wanting to harm themselves or end their lives with charts like these often used to pinpoint patients despair you'll ask them how do you feel right now and they'll be able to point to it we have not had a patient in this area. thank you meanwhile six suicides and dozens of suicide
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attempts have taken place at the detention facility we haven't seen any autopsies the u.s. government hasn't released any formal reports or findings we're now inside two active camps at guantanamo camp five single cells where the so-called compliant detainees are held camp number six is one filled with communal cells when officials deem the detainees better there will be warded by being allowed to live in groups while detainees are kept away from us what we witness are clean empty prison cells with cozy pajamas colgate toothpaste and maximum security shampoos paraded in front of journalists as proof everything is so much better here than any silly horror stories we all have heard of. cuba. poland has granted victim status to one guantanamo detainees who was allegedly captured by the cia and abused on polish territory and there are other similar accusations spoke to james cole is the lawyer for
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a man who's accused of aiding the nine eleven attacks and he says he suffers a major health problems of the being tortured by the cia. immediately upon being transferred to guantanamo bay mr absolutely went to the medical staff and complained that he had suffered a head injury while in cia custody nothing was done to follow up on that there's no investigation into someplace else told military commissions there's no investigation into the possibility of a federal civilian court there are still a significant number of people who are on hunger strike at guantanamo bay who are being force fed and sometimes hospitalized the most important question is the silencing of the defendants that they can't tell anyone whether that's the un special rapporteur on torture or members of congress and their staff who are investigating the issue they can't tell anyone about what happened to them in cia custody that's what we're challenging because if we can break the silence on that question there could be real movement on guantanamo bay. but we're trying to shed
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some light on what is actually going on inside guantanamo and every we call it tea has a new report from inside the detention center well if you live here moscow more news including a look at the shady side of the u. economy is coming up for you in just a few moments from. good luck. was able to build a most sophisticated. fortunately. found anything mission to teach me why it should care about humans. this is why you should care
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only. speak your language. programs and documentaries in arabic. from the seven interviews intrigued. visit arabic. news continues all of the facilities used in syria to produce chemical weapons have been destroyed a day. is being seen as a major step under the russian american brokered deal to rid syria of its stockpile of toxic alms by the middle of twenty fourteen. what we're hearing now from an
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official inside the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons is that damascus has destroyed all equipment that is useful producing mixing and filling chemical weapons this comes a day ahead of the agreed november first deadline and it is a major achievement in an extremely tight and ambitious disarmament program the foreign inspectors who have been inside the country for several weeks now have visited twenty one of twenty three chemical weapons stockpile sites now the reason given as to why they could not go to two of those scientists because it was simply too dangerous there's been no commitment from the rebels fighting that they will ensure the safety of these inspectors but we have been told that these stockpiles at those two sites were moved to sites that the inspectors did in fact investigate the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons says it is extremely satisfied with the way this disarmament program has gone ahead and that all is on track for the final deadline which is the middle of next year by the way syria
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would have destroyed all of its chemical weapons stockpiles we're receiving reports that earlier this week rebels carried out an attack in which they allegedly used chemical weapons in the north east of the country near the turkish border now it happened near a check post of kurdish defense forces and according to those forces immediately following the explosion of a shell there was a yellow smoke they also say that they are suffering from symptoms of chemical in hell ation and noisier now the russian foreign ministry is calling for an urgent investigation and says it is extremely worrying that this incident is not receiving why disparate coverage. the syrian government is pleased to rid itself of chemical weapons because it means the cold be used as an excuse for foreign intervention with middle east analyst. the chemical weapons like scuds and cluster munitions and. things like this have been narratives to hype up the
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conflict and draw international intervention on different levels there is evidence that rebels have some their hands on some chemical weapons with the syrian government has for some time now viewed chemical weapons as a liability and a burden precisely for these reasons because potentially rebels could get their hands on small amounts of these chemical agents and use them across the border in israel or turkey to then justify a military attack against the syrian government so they have been quite pleased that the international community has come together to in fact rid them of these weapons so that excuse no longer exists. by the way there are always more stories on our website including taking on the how wayne got the story of why officials in one russian city are trying to scare people off the spooky holiday the full details in a new section also there. a former afghan interpreter who saved the life of
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a u.s. soldier finally gets an american for years of trying because of the taliban might seek revenge story of the man who made it all possible online. it's a. pleasure to have you with us today. germany's thriving economy may well be dragging the rest of europe down u.s. treasury reports suggest the continent is suffering from a trade imbalance caused by
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a flood of exports from germany but talk of orchestrating the e.u.'s policies is nothing new it recently persuaded brussels to delay a limit on car emissions to save the revenues of its own auto industry explains. with friends like these who needs enemies david cameron for all his bluff would fall prefer to negotiate with the e.u. the leave it all together and germany. holds the entire project together and yet these two countries that are reportedly cutting a secret deal to protect their main industry again e.u. regulation it's a tit for tat thing britain is proposing to support germany's to delay the introduction of a cap on carbon dioxide emissions which will harm b.m.w. mercedes and and in return in seeking germany's help to protect the banking sector from the ways of brussels regulations the proposed deal may also include asking for
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germany's help a cap on bankers' bonuses something the tory policies controversy points against the tide of public opinion but it's not just germany and britain practically every member has something to complain about belgian. gates milk pricing policies spain is unhappy with fishing reforms others criticised sky high budget contributions red tape and bailouts whether it's contributing to them or punishing economic regimes after receiving them all combined to undermine the project but now that two of the unions most powerful members appear to be commuting to defy the rules of the organization it looks like dissatisfaction has hit a whole new level. and the rector of the austrian economics told us that the e.u. is tightening
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a rope around its neck. it could be definitely the beginning of a trend because brussels again has grown too far if we just look at how many regulations called as memoir under directive sco out every month by brussels they harm national economy as they harm the national competitiveness one size fits all politics that have been tried to pursue do not verse we have seen this during the so-called financial crisis the euro crisis obviously it does not american this is what we see now it finally becomes clear that this big picture of big brussels definitely hurts the national interests are you beaten down by corporations and striving to survive in the modern economy well today's cause report is just for you you know it takes all the running you can do to keep it in the same place said the red queen to alice it takes all the printing you could do
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to keep in the same place the banks are to bernanke it takes all the working you can do to keep in the same place said the neo feudal fax to the chumps we have to work for a living but i say not only does it take all the running printing and working but it also takes all the bombing stealing and the fraud exploring and dying shaking breaking and taking to stay in the same frickin place is the right stacy. because a report coming your way a little later today here in our edward snowden is no longer unemployed the n.s.a. whistleblower who's got to bring saddam in russia may start a new job as early as tomorrow just like the previous one it will make use of his computer skills but it will be no state secrets this time you've got this going on as the details. also been representing edward snowden in russia the former n.s.a. contractor. working for
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a major russian web site in the even. in his department of technical support mr katrina didn't specify which web site exactly. russia's largest social networks offered him a job as a security specialist so we don't know whether or not we'll actually be going to work or. since his exact location is due to security reasons a military base near the city of latakia in western syria has reportedly been destroyed and is a israeli airstrike on a second strike is taking place near damascus this information has been confirmed by u.s. officials that the target was a shipment of missiles and related equipment possibly going to hezbollah this is not the first incident like this the latest took place in july when israeli submarines attacked an. attack in apparently to destroy allegedly being prepared for shipment to this is breaking news now and we'll bring you more as this story
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develops. we're talking of some other world news here on. just has been rocked by deadly blast four people have been killed and one thousand injured after a bomb ripped through a bicycle went off in a busy area in the city of porto carried out the attack in the region is known for deadly sectarian violence with militants often targeting members of the shia minority. in the u.s. state of california hundreds gathered for another protest over the recent killing of a thirteen year old boy by police and the lopez an eighth grader was last tuesday with seven bullets because he was carrying a replica of an assault rifle a protest at the mall and the officer responsible that war veteran be brought to justice and called for a transparent investigation. to brings up to date for the moment i'll be back with more news for you with the news team in about thirty five minutes from now in the meantime stay with us for those financial revelations from x.
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and stacy that is in the cards report after this break. deliberate torch is on its epic journey to structure. one hundred twenty three days. through two thousand and nine hundred two cities of russia. relayed by fourteen thousand people or sixty thousand kilometers. in a record setting trip by a man air sea and others face. olympic torch relay. m r t v dot com. this is a media leader so we believe that maybe. i will see bush's security. policy
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is that the. shoes that no one is there with to get that you deserve answers from it's all politics. i know c.n.n. the m s n b c news have taken some slightly but the fact is i admire their commitment to cover all sides of the story just in case one of them happens to be accurate. that was funny but it's closer to the truth and might think. it's because when full attention and the mainstream media works side by side the joke is actually on here. coming up. at our team we have to print for. the fellow because the news of the world
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just is not this funny i'm not laughing dammit i'm not. but. i do you guys talk to the jokes well handled stuff that i've got a. right to. search for. and i think you're. on a record with. me in the. local.
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welcome to the kaiser report i max kaiser you know it takes all the running you can do to keep it in the same place said the red queen to alice. it takes all the printing you can do to keep in the same place said the banks are too bernanke it takes all the working you can do to keep in the same place said the neo feudal fax to the chumps who have to work for a living but i say not only does it take all the running printing working but it also takes all the bombing stealing and the fraud exploiting and dying shaking begging and taking to stay in the same fricken place isn't that right stacy well in fact says we you mentioned we have to print print prints and we're printing printing printing just to keep even on g.d.p. in fed and how many now think inflation helps the fed has worked for decades to suppress inflation but economists including janet yellen president obama's nominee to lead the fed starting next year have long argued that
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a little inflation is particularly valuable when the economy is weak rising prices help companies increase profits rising wages help borrowers repay debts and inflation also encourages people and businesses to borrow money and spend it more quickly well this is stupid because. in other words the fed to quote the program of quantitative easing and there's been one two three and four in japan and in america in the u.k. the whole point of it the design of it the reason we have it is to increase inflation yes now this is been going on if you count japan for twenty years now and the new york times are saying you know what maybe we need to increase inflation they've been trying to increase inflation for twenty years the bank of england has increased our balance sheet by four hundred percent attempting to create inflation the federal reserve bank has printed truly and in truly is of
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dollars trying to create inflation. what they don't understand that when they print they actually cause deflation because of the certain. financial repression that occurs when you forced onto an economy hundreds of trillions of dollars worth of unpayable debt causing things like cyprus to blow up or for greece to blow up or for the wages in the u.k. in america to collapse that's all caused by the deflationary fact of money printing so now the new york times says well maybe we need a little inflation less prince more money this truly is the alan alice in wonderland moment i don't i don't know you know they are of no help whatsoever to having people understand that money printing causes deflation and therefore end the deflation is getting worse and more money printing is going to cause more deflation where you also may.


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